Summer 2017

Designing a visual language for UCLA ACM

Before the start of my sophomore year at UCLA, I took on the role of Director of Design for UCLA ACM, UCLA’s premier computer science student organization.

My first initiative for the club was to create a cohesive, consistent, and inclusive branding system. UCLA ACM is comprised of six (now eight!) subcommitees that focus on various fields within computer science, from Artificial Intelligence to Diversity & Inclusion—the visual language needed to account for all six communities, while making sure it was obvious the committees belonged to the same umbrella organization.

The final, in-use guide for branding can be found here. Below are slices from the work that went into this project.






This project was completed over a 3 month time frame, with a team of four designers. My responsibilities included leading our weekly sprints, delegating tasks, and executing with the rest of the team. Special thanks to Bryan Wong, Paulina Lei, and Rong Zhang for taking part in this project.

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